Why in Greece

The School of Medicine at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has been a respectable and reliable contributor to the ongoing evolution of Medicine, which originated in Greece and then spread and was widely accepted worldwide.

As is well known, it was Greece where scientific Medicine was born and freed from prejudice and superstition. Asclepius was the ancient Greek God of Medicine and his serpent-entwined rod has been used as a symbol of the medical profession up to the present day. The sanctuaries of Asclepius were the first healing places. Hippocrates of Kos is considered a leading figure that determined the change of ancient medicine and defined its further progress.

Aristotle and his School established research methods, which were adopted by Alexandria’s Medical School, where the most distinguished anatomists of antiquity thrived. A lot of their discoveries and innovative surgical achievements have been acknowledged even up to the present.

Other Greek physicians have remarkably promoted Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Orthopedics and various other fields of medical science. Galen of Pergamon was the physician who, in addition to his personal contribution to science, collected and systematized all the ancient medical knowledge. His writings, translated into Latin and Eastern languages, spread throughout the world, and his theories have dominated medical thought for many centuries.

Deep, detailed and comprehensive scientific theory and research as well as the teaching of medical ethics, amended through time and adapted to contemporary ideas and requirements, will be made available to those who choose to study the science of Asclepius at our School of Medicine.

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