Facilities and Services

The main campus and most of the facilities of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki are located in the centre of the city of Thessaloniki.


The courses of the School of Medicine take place in 11 auditoriums and in several classrooms and laboratories, which are located at the University Campus as well as at the collaborating hospitals.

In the building of New Auditoriums, where the Administration Office is also located, there is the Auditorium A (500 seats capacity), B (300 seats capacity), C (110 seats capacity), E and F (70 seats capacity each). The School premises accommodate also the Auditorium “Alexandros Savvas”(360 seats capacity). At the AHEPA University Hospital, they are located the Auditorium “Konstantinos Triaridis” and the Auditorium of Neurosciences (250 and 200 seats capacity, respectively). Moreover, at the Hippokration Hospital, there are two more Auditoriums in buildings C and D with (200 seats capacity each) and at the Papageorgiou Hospital, there is an Auditorium (150 seats capacity). At the year 2018 the former Auditorium D (with 38 seats capacity) was renovated, fully equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and it is now used for the needs of School’s Postgraduate Program.

Furthermore, all Laboratories and Departments have their own classrooms (20-50 seats capacity).

Library and Information Centre

The Library and Information Centre of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is an independent university unit which consists of the Central Library and its branches (Specialised Academic Libraries and Departmental Libraries). The Library and Information Centre supports teaching and research activities carried out at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. To this end, the collections are organized and located in accordance with the classification and call number system, and the services provided are well coordinated. By consulting the Library website you can:

  • Search for information sources,
  • Browse yourself through the Collections of rare and old material of the Library,
  • Find out information about the Services provided,
  • Get ‘Research Help’,
  • Find out information about the structure and personnel of the AUTh Library and Information Centre,
  • Ask a librarian!, for any research questions you might have, or if you cannot find what you are searching for.

The Library of School’s of Medicine is housed in the central library since May 2011.

Kalandra University Summer Camp

The University Camp of Kalandra, in Chalkidiki, was founded in 1960 and is part of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh). All students and employees of the university, including retired personnel, are entitled to use the camp facilities.

The Camp is a public space where recreational, educational and cultural activities are available for all members of the Aristotle University community. Respecting and protecting the environment are two of the fundamental principles which govern its operation. Thus, the Kalandra University Camp promotes energy saving and pollution control policies, and natural resource protection and conservation. At the same time, it supports projects and develops activities with the aim to raise environmental awareness.

University Gym

The University Gym of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki provides the students and personnel of the university with a wide range of sports programmes and activities. All programmes aim to improve the quality of life of the members of the academic community through sports, games and physical activity. Taking into consideration the fact that it caters for people with different needs and abilities, the University Gym has designed a number of programmes in the following fields in order to achieve its goals:

  • Recreational Sports
  • Organized activities – Classes
  • Indoor championships
  • Tournaments and sports workshops
  • Student and Staff Sports programmes
  • Competitive sports
  • Trips – Nature day trips
  • Long-distance running events at Aristotle University
  • Sports academies
  • Summer sports programmes for children

Student Health Services

All Aristotle University students, including foreigner visitors, have equal rights regarding their possible needs for health care. The quality and extent of care provided is defined by relative laws and determined by the socioeconomic setting of the country.

The Student Health Care Service located in the University Student Club building and the AUTH Primary Health Care Centre located in the administration building, are both providing daily basic primary care services and counselling. The Counseling and Guidance Centre provides counselling and psychological support to students that express relative needs.

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