Programme Overview / Key Facts

The School’s of Medicine Undergraduate Programme of Studies (MedSc-UPS) is a full-time programme of studies for foreign citizens. The main goal of the School is to educate medical students as well as to provide health professionals with the highest scientific standards. An additional aim is to perform high-quality research frequently in collaboration with other Greek and international research centres. A student of this programme participates in various research programmes of the Laboratories and Medical Departments. It is of high importance for us the dissemination of ethical values that govern the medical practice to students as well as to ensure that the young medical doctors will acquire all scientific knowledge which will enable them to diagnose and effectively manage medical problems.

In order to obtain the Medical Degree students are required to attend 83 modules (76 courses and 7 courses – Clinical Traineeships) and to participate successfully at each exam and to carry out laboratory and clinical exercises. During the last year of studies, the students are having clinical training by practising medicine under guidance at the collaborating Hospitals. The formal duration of the undergraduate programme is 12 semesters, where students have to accumulate 360 ECTS. Upon successful completion of the studies, the students receive the Medical Degree (Ptychion Iatrikes), which is in accordance with the EU Directive 2005/36/E and gives them access to postgraduate studies (Masters), Doctorate in Medical Science (Doctorate Diplomas) and authorizes the medical profession practice both in the Public as well as Private Sector in the EU.

From the 1st until the 7th semester students will learn the Greek language (at a B2 level) and the Greek medical terminology, in order to be able to communicate with patients and actively involve themselves in the whole health care system.

The philosophy of the MedSc-UPS places the people who constitute the School on top of the new proposal. The MedSc- UPS aims to liberate and develop people’s creativity and transform the School into a structure where students’ and teachers’ intelligence and talents will be expressed, leading our students from their current status to specific future goals and, furthermore, to help them reach even greater achievements, which they might not even have yet imagined they could reach. In this programme, the educational conditions will excite the curiosity and creativity of students, while the professors guide, provoke and try to awaken their consciousness. Each student, from the very first day of their enrollment in the MedSc-UPS will have their own academic advisor, who will guide them throughout their studies.

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